Product Information

Solar electricity is a steadily growing energy technology today and solar cells have found markets in variety of applications ranging from consumer electronics, and small scale distributed power systems to centralized megawatt scale power plants. Direct utilization of solar radiation to produce electricity is close to an ideal way to utilize the nature's renewable energy flow.

Solar Home Light also known as solar light or solar lantern, is a lighting system composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar photovoltaic panel.

Technical Specification

Solar Panel 40W with 10MTS Cable
Battery 12V /26 AH SMF LEAD Acid
Fuse 7.5A
Lamp 2 No's 9W with high bright LED Tube Light
Cable 2 No's, 5 metres lenght with Holder and Switch
USB USB Mobile Phone Charging Kit
Time 48 Hours to charges battery fully
Lighting Time 48 Hours